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Pamper yourself with a female massage in London

female massage London

Not only men can enjoy a tantric massage. Women can also pamper themselves with a genuine female massage in London performed by experienced masseuses.

The female massage, known as the yoni massage, is a female-oriented Tantric Massage. It’s designed for women’s pleasure. You will feel your soul floating away as one of our tantric masseuses gently prompts you to a state of sensuality and tenderness. You are invited to enjoy the fullness of tantra pleasure.

What is a female massage?

A genuine female massage involves erotic connection rituals between men and women or two women. It focuses on the area of the vagina called the yoni in tantric practice. Sanskrit’s yoni is a vagina. This can be translated to mean a sacred place or divine portal. Traditional yoni practitioners rub the vulva and vagina, and the recipient does breathing exercises. It is believed that both physical and mental tensions will be released. This allows you to indulge in subtle yet charming tantric touches from another man or woman. Although orgasm is not required, it can be a pleasant side effect for some women. Our massage therapist will help you to have this fantastic experience that will increase your female sexual energy.

Before you begin your yoni massage, ensure you are comfortable and relaxed. Turn off the lights or dim them, light some candles or incense and listen to your heartbeat. The female tantric masseuses can provide the most relaxing massages for women. They will help you relax and fulfil your dreams.

The focus of female tantric massage will change to make it exciting and fun. The intensity of the sensual touches will increase as the session progresses. Our beautiful masseuses have one goal: to provide you with a memorable tantric massage experience you will treasure for a lifetime. Tantric masseuses use sensual techniques to help you overcome your fears and block negative thoughts.

The benefits of a female massage at Gold Tantric

A female massage has many benefits. Yoni massage techniques promote the opening of channels to allow the mind, body and spirit to become more connected. Clients feel more connected to their bodies and senses after a session. You will be given a female tantric massage to help clear energy channels and obstacles.

This personal style of stress-relieving massage is unbeatable. It uses tantric techniques to offer a sensual, intimate treatment. A typical tantric massage for women involves gentle, sensitive strokes that release and build pressure. It’s like being on top of rising waves with no end. The energy builds up and is then dispersed throughout the body.

Tantric massage for women is a fantastic experience. Your body will accept pleasure emotions while you are in a state where your body is completely surrendered. Tantric massage is for women. It’s not just physical but also spiritual. If done correctly, your body and mind will experience a sense of total empowerment and independence. This will allow you to relax and enjoy the blissful feeling of performing the ritual. Although this massage is intended to be therapeutic and spiritual, physical shaking may occur in the form of tantric energy thumps or releases. You will feel the pleasant shock waves, and you can fully immerse in the sensations.

Book a female massage at Gold Tantric

Allow the tantric energy to flow freely through you, transporting you to a realm of dreams where you may satisfy all of your wildest wishes. At Gold Tantric, you are encouraged to enjoy the most superb female tantric massage available in London. Contact us immediately or book online to let go, heal, and have a spiritual experience with our beautiful tantric masseuses.

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