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How tantric massage can improve your intimate life

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People may encounter some problems in their intimate life. But don’t worry. We have the right solution for you: tantric massage. Some of you may wonder what is a tantric massage and why this may be the solution you were looking for. Well, stay tuned because we will explain to you everything you need to know about tantric massage!

​First of all: what is tantric massage?

A tantric massage is a form of massage that focuses on all of your body’s sensitive areas. The goal is to increase your sensuality and body awareness, as well as to awaken your sexual energy and strengthen your connection with your partner. This type of massage encourages the discharge of sexual trauma or difficulties, whether they are the result of abuse or childbirth. Also, some men may confront impotence or sexual commitment or other problems that people may face.

What happens during a tantric massage

A genuine Tantric Therapist worships the body, mind, and soul as a unit. The massage therapists carefully increase the sexual pleasure of the client, letting it flow through the regions of the body (the erogenous parts) that crave it the most, utilizing soft caress, their feminine instinct, pure loving intention, and the slightest of fingertip touches.

Gold Tantric London is a prestigious agency that offers high-quality tantric massage sessions. After the first meeting with one of our massage therapists, Emma, Eva or Cataleya you will come again in a short time. Their tenderness and beauty will captivate you. The girls will treat you with the utmost care so you will have the best experience of your life!

A tantric massage has a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. Aromatherapy may be used in tantric spas in the form of scented candles, diffusers, oil burners, or incense. The sensory experience is completed with a soothing acoustic background.

Then you will have a little chat with your masseuse. You will explain what are your expectations and what you would like to experience during the session. She will carefully listen to your requirements and try it satisfy all of them. Don’t be shy and tell her exactly what you want. The therapists won’t judge you. After your chat, your masseuse will begin to lead you through some tantric breathing methods to help you relax and prepare for your tantric journey. This increases the flow of energy through your body, allowing you to connect with it and develop a better knowledge of your sexuality. As a consequence, you’ll be ready to begin your tantric massage.

Most tantric masseuses, unlike conventional massage therapists, like to utilize a massage bed to facilitate full-body methods. Your masseuse will be able to rest comfortably on a massage bed.

A typical massage oil blend may include a carrier oil like jojoba or coconut oil, as well as essential oils like lavender or jasmine. This mixture ensures that hands and bodies are always silky and smooth.

Your tantric masseuse will get to know you and your preferences before beginning your session. You’ll need to go in with the appropriate mindset, and your masseuse will need to gauge your degree of comfort. You need to put yourself in their hands and trust in their abilities to make you feel good.

Gold Tantric London: one of the best tantric massage agencies in London

Gold Tantric Massage London is proud to be one of London’s most prestigious tantric massage agencies.

We aim for complete client relaxation and we are proud of all our professional masseuses which are trained, highly skilled and passionate about their profession, ensuring your session will be unique and unforgettable.

Dare to pamper yourself with our sensual massage session in London! We are looking forward to meeting you!

Call us today at 07908631324 and book your sensual massage session!

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