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Be bold and choose a tie and tease massage

tie and tease massage

Are you the authoritarian type, and do you like to do what you want? Then if you want to be in the other position of authority, be bold and choose a tie and tease massage. Here, at Gold Tantric, our goddesses will be the dominatrix, with a twist of light discipline and a gentle whip, giving you the most pleasant and sensual experience.

A tie and tease massage are unique and exciting, especially if you like to be dominated. You will be blindfolded, and you will obey their commands. The masseuses will tease you and touch you wherever you want. It is a game where you are just a pawn, and the masseuses are the commanders. Our tie and tease massage will have our mistress take control of you, prolonging and controlling your pleasures and teasing all parts of your body. Are you suffering from anxiety? Do you find it hard to let go of your worries or problems? Tantra massage can help you feel more relaxed and energized. Tantric massage salons are popular for clients looking to achieve more balance and enjoyment.

Depending on the client, the masseuse will use rope, silk scarf or handcuffs to tie you, and she will apply the sensual massage treatment. Let’s find out more about this type of massage.

What does imply a tie and tease massage?

A tie and tease massage is something special. It is a symphony of the mind, body, and spirit that will push you in every manner conceivable while you pant and squirm under the discipline of the massage therapist.

The masseuse is strong, powerful, and well-dressed. You will ultimately control your body and must follow her instructions. You will be restrained from touching or moving your hands, and your hands will be tied. You will be teased and tamed by her during this controlled, erotic massage. Your wrists will be tightly fastened. You will have to obey Her Excellence and only speak when she directs. Let our London massage girls seduce your senses!

Bonnie, Bianca and Emma will satisfy all your hidden desires. You will be blown away by their ability to control your body and soul.

The masseuse will not know where, when or how she’ll touch you. You’ll wait anxiously and wonder every time the masseuse takes her hands off your body. Do you think she will gently stroke your chest? You will feel soft, inviting touch of silk or feathers gently rubbed across your chest. Do you feel contact in a specific area of your body? Only our therapists can tell you this, so you’ll have to guess. Our females will play and tease you.

You will be left confused and disoriented when the massage ends. You will feel the great shock of heated oil being poured into a private area. You will feel the thrill in your whole body as she makes body-to-body contact. You will feel her soft touch and will keep wanting more. Her silky, oiled skin will be in constant contact with yours as she gently glides up and down your entire body. As the masseuse teases you, you’ll feel the sexual tension build up until you cannot take it anymore. It will be an intense and overwhelming experience that will release you.

Gold Tantric – come and try a tie and tease massage

We have carefully chosen and trained our professional masseuses to provide one of the finest massages and the most sensual tie and tease massage. It will be an unforgettable experience that will leave you with lasting memories.

The city’s finest selection of professional Tantric therapists will give you the perfect tie and tease massage. The masseuses are well-trained to satisfy all your wishes. You can have your massage appointment in different locations across London, including South Kensington, Marylebone or Canary Wharf.

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