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Why go for a tantric massage?

Why go for a tantric massage

Why go for a tantric massage? Gold Tantric gives you all the reasons to try this type of massage. It is something special, relaxing and you love it. Don’t worry about this aspect even if you haven’t tried it before. Our professional masseuses will explain every step and how the massage will take place.

Gold Tantric is an excellent tantric massage salon where you can book different types of massages, including yoni massage, Nuru, or aqua. No matter what you choose, the massage will be more than your expectations.

Tantric massage – Benefits

The tantric massage is an alternative massage technique. It is used to increase your sexual energy and increase your awareness of sexual pleasure. Tantric massage can improve relationships and help you understand how to make your partner feel more comfortable during sexual intercourse.

Tantric massage includes your whole body, even your intimate parts. Gold Tantric massage therapists will make you feel at ease throughout the massage session. They will also help you to focus on what makes your body feel good. Sometimes, we forget to take care of ourselves, leading to anxiety and stress in our intimate lives. With a tantric massage, you can fix everything, even your sex life.

A tantric massage is a form of relaxation, arousal, and connection that focuses on the erogenous areas. It is not about having an orgasm but rather sharing and receiving pleasure with your partner.

The benefits of tantric massage are:

  • It is comfortable – Modern life can be stressful, and often, we feel overburdened with unhealthy lifestyles, environmental toxins, stress, health problems and many responsibilities. Sometimes we need to take a break and detach from all the issues. You can relax your body and mind through a tantric massage and focus on the essential things in your life.
  • Get rid of blockages – Every human has some blockages, even if talking about physical, energetic, emotional, mental or sexual ones. The motives for these blockages can vary depending on the person. Blockages feed information into your subconscious mind, which then dictates your conscious, outward and behavioural patterns. Many times, persistent problems in life are the result of unresolved blockages. Authentic Tantric massage can change that. It uses powerful forms of energy and can touch your entire body, even though it initially starts there.
  • Enhances sexual life – Couples may experience problems in their intimate lives after a while. Some sexual dysfunctions can cause a man to lose pleasure in sexual moments, including premature ejaculation and loss of sexual desire. Women are more likely to experience low appetite, frigidity and painful sex. Sexual dysfunctions can be eliminated, and a person’s sex life is greatly improved by clearing the body, removing any blockages, awakening the sexual energy and disseminating that vital energy throughout the body.
  • Pain relief – A tantric massage can relieve all the tension and pain that prevents you from relaxing. Tantric massage can be used to release tension and stiff muscles. Tantric massage can be used to relieve stress and reduce tactile discomfort. Tantric massage can help you feel more relaxed after a hard day at work or if your muscles have been injured while working out.

Tantric massage includes deep breathing, breathwork, eye gazing, and slow massaging of the erogenous areas. This allows the parties to experience giving and receiving pleasure in a non-committal environment where the connection is the goal, not orgasms.

Book now a tantric massage at Gold Tantric

Book now a tantric massage at Gold Tantric. You can have an experience with our gorgeous masseuses. You can get the tantric massage in different locations across London, including Soho, South Kensington, Marylebone, Baker Street, Canary Wharf and Belgravia.

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